About Me

I am an aspiring 3D artist who has had experience with almost every type of design. From graphic, web, print, 3D, no task is too large and no project is too complicated for my total resolve. I take every project seriously and constantly challenge myself to work outside of the box and reach toward new horizons.

I am a valuable member of any team, bringing a spark to the design pool and collaborating with others to create the best possible solution. Passion drives me, detail focuses me, and discipline holds me fast to each project. Good design can change lives, I am ready to change the world.

I grew up in the quiet, country town of Spring City, Utah. Although I lived in the country, I still spent most of my time inside on my parent's ancient Pentium computer playing games like Wolfenstien 3D, Heretic, Duke Nukem and Jill of the Jungle. My passion for gaming and computers grew from there especially when I received a Sony PlayStation for Christmas. I think I must have been the happiest kid in the world on that Christmas.

From then on I would consider myself a true gamer. I also became an Audiophile and began to be intensely interested in 3D films like Toy Story and Shrek. While looking at potential undergraduate degrees I was impressed with Dixie State University's Visual Technology program because they taught two classes that were completely devoted to 3D modeling and animation.

I learned a great deal from those classes but I thirsted for more knowledge. During the summer of 2012, I devoted myself completely to expanding my knowledge of Maya. I finished several projects that can be viewed in my portfolio section of this site. I am excited to start using my knowledge to make a difference in the industry.